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  • Ceramic teeth
    All Ceramic crowns  are the ultimate in aesthetic excellence, they are made of a ceramic core with porcelain layered over it. There is no metal work involved in an all ceramic crowns. They create an extremely natural looking appearance and can be used on anterior and posterior teeth.

Special Services

The best professional dentist team with the best products to produce your best smile in only 1 week.
During this time you will also be able to enjoy Marbella, beaches, golf courses and the whole landscape of all Costa del Sol.

Did You Know?

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry as an art form is not generally taught in dental schools.

Our dentists have 25 years experiences, in make the "ultimative smile".

To do a beautiful smile makeover, a dentist needs a passion for beauty and a personality that loves to create things of beauty. Only 1% or 2% of dentists have this artistic inclination. Those that do will pursue additional training after dental school to learn the skills necessary to create smiles - special bonding techniques, training in color manipulation, an understanding of the special materials that are used in this highly specialized area of dentistry.
The New Smile it will so white, clean and healthy and very beautiful Smile