The Yeast of Beer and Skin
by Suzanne Powell
Nutritional Adviser of International Pharmacy.
In antiquity the external application is probably the oldest and most traditional forms of treatment with Brewer's yeast.
Already in the Papyrus Ebers of the year 1555 in Egypt find data on the curative effects of Brewer's yeast in wounds and eczema.
This ancient empirical knowledge references can also be found in (Dioscórides, Hippocrates) Greeks and Romans (Pliny), and the Arch of this kind of testimony and historical vestiges extends through the Arab knowledge and medicine from the Middle Ages until the modern era.
What is yeast? Brewer's yeast is an excellent source of protein produced naturally from fermentation of beer or sugar beet molasses. Causes such fermentation by the use of hop flowers that provide the very characteristic bitter taste except when the yeast of beer produced is taken with beet molasses, this process does not need hops. After the fermentation the yeast is dried using advanced techniques to preserve its content in protein, vitamins, minerals and trace elements which include chromium and selenium.
Benefits for the health of the skin
The therapies with yeast beer are indicated in fields of classical treatment such as: 1-fungal infections skin (very irritating rash in skin areas wet and overheated, for example, between the toes (fungi) in the armpits, groin). 2-Furunculosis (infections by Staphylococcus in Sebaceous and sweat glands) 3-Eczema (inflammation of the outer layers of the skin, often linked to infections by fungi or bacteria) in similar way recommends a treatment with yeast of beer in general the today extended skin conditions, such as for example: the psoriasis; Acne and skin impurities; difficult healing wounds. Change your skin in 4 weeks. No forget that the skin is an organ with an extraordinary capacity for renewal. Inside this protective layer of our body are permanently repair and regeneration processes even when destructive actions through injuries may occur. Thus all the cells in the upper layer of the skin is renewed altogether in the course of only 4 weeks. Skin healthy, body healthy. 
Our skin is something like a "symptomatic organ" of the internal state of our body and can serve to diagnose as did the physicians of antiquity. 
The view is that Brewer's yeast contains a wide range of these substances "active" for the skin beginning with B vitamins, vitamin skin biotin, protein of high value (in particular the amino acid responsible for the detoxification glutathione and healing wounds due to its sulphur content) and not forgetting its high content of minerals and trace elements (substances essential in the metabolism of the skin).
How is the "MCG Body Skin" ?
In your stay we daily body baths with Brewer's yeast natural, which comes directly from the factory of beer, to care for the skin around the body, strengthen the hair, nails and for the skin of the body in general.
It is then charged at MCG Lotion special for take care skin after yeast beer treatment and your skin will remain treated
with  the best anti-aging treatment for your skin.