MCG Anticoagulation

Indications of the anticoagulant medication have increased very significantly in recent years.
The large number of patients taking daily anticoagulants and their control characteristics have led us to develop this guide in order to give a clear and simple answer to the questions arising in our experience most often patients, in the idea of making more understandable reasons for the treatment and control and provide easy instructions to get the maximum benefit with the least possible risk.

Goal of treatment
The goal of treatment is the prevention of thrombosis and the stroke. A thrombus is a clot within the circulatory system. It is said that an embolism occurs when a fragment of this clot is clear and sharp form any vein or artery clogs.
Because that is the goal, the patients who benefit from this preventive treatment are:
Those who have already had a thrombosis or embolism and are in danger of repeating.
Those who never had thrombosis or stroke but suffer from diseases or are in situations that are at high risk of having them.

All patients on anticoagulant treatment must remember three things:
While the protection from the thrombi and stroke is not total, yes reduces much risk if controlled properly.
The objective is not curative and preventive. Anticoagulation i.e. not going to resolve any health problem that you already have. For that there are specific treatments for these diseases and that in some cases you will require form added to the anticoagulant.
It should be remembered always that the benefit provided by the medication is at the expense of a small risk of bleeding what should work together to reduce the risk. Also will be always aware of all physicians or health personnel which satisfies him that he takes this medication.

Mechanism of action
Under normal conditions the blood flows through the circulatory system without clot. However, it has naturally the ability to coagulate in certain situations, for example when we cut, for sealing a wound. The thrombi and stroke are a pathological consequence of this ability of the blood to form clots.
Anticoagulant medication acts lengthening the time it takes in clot blood interfering with the action that vitamin K has clotting and thus makes it difficult that may form thrombi or stroke. To make the adequate protection we must achieve a certain time as if we lengthen it little protection it will be insufficient and if we lengthen it too will be well protected with an excessive risk of bleeding but the thrombi.
The only way to know if your blood takes adequate time to clot for a proper protection is a blood analysis and depending on the result increase or decrease the dose to take.
The dose which is administered is personal, individualized for each patient, so it makes no sense compared to taking other individuals. It will be in each case the most appropriate to achieve a proper clotting time and has nothing to do the amount of anticoagulant you need to be more or less sick.
The proper control of medication may be interfered with by various clinical situations (diseases), dietary habits and medications so it is advisable that the patient may have the possibility of treating this problem with the best specialist Doctor of Hematology which we offer in Marbella Care Group. Come to Marbella on vacation and to treat with the best doctor who specializes in anticoagulation is our aim for all patients with anticogaulación problems.