MCG Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant is the definitive technical and safest on the market for hair restoration. This involves transplanting hair from the back of the neck of the patient (donor) to repopulate the area.
The real cause of baldness in more than 95% of the cases is due to the so-called androgenetic Alopecia, a set of hormonal and hereditary factors. This type of alopecia has the particularity that affects only the upper and front part of the head, leaving unscathed the posterior and lateral area.
Despite what many people think the baldness is due not to the stress, dandruff, seborrhoea, poor nutrition or lack of irrigation.
Due to androgenetic Alopecia hair slowly begins to weaken until falling irreversibly. So it is highly advisable to carry out a consultation to deal with the case of BALDNESS
Each type of baldness has a pattern recognized by capillary recovery specialists who in turn know what the proper treatment to treat them effectively. The causes of alopecia, or baldness will divide them into two groups:
CONGENITAL: Low frequency, are those where there is no hair from birth.
SCAR calvicies
No scar calvicies
SCAR calvicies: are default development and hereditary diseases, infections, neoplasms, chemical / physical (radiation therapy, trauma etc.). It is baldness caused by the loss of the hair follicle. Never can regenerate if it is not through surgery.
No scar calvicies: is baldness caused by the loss of hair, but not the hair follicle; It can in some cases regenerate; some of the branches of this group are:
Baldness or Alopecia areata (autoimmune triggered by physical or psychical stress.) (This can be in single or widespread plate.) -Hormonal (thyroid, ovaries, pituitary, adrenal)
Food (proteica-energética malnutrition, fatty acids, iron, zinc, biotin)
Pharmacological (blockers, thallium mercury, colchicine methotrexate, some antidepressants, and more.)
Acute physical stress (fever bleeding after delivery, etc.) The most common among them is baldness or androgenetic alopecia that occurs in 95% of cases, the remaining 5% belonging to the listed subdivisions.

The hair we pot will not fall ever because it is not affected by the androgenetic Alopecia (order hormonal and hereditary baldness cause). The capillary transplant takes these hair from the donor area of the patient's own (side and rear areas of the head) and smothered it one by one to the sparsely populated areas.
As the treatment is performed with the patient's own hair is completely natural result.
Hair transplant is performed on your own hair, in a single session of 3 to 4 hours and the results are for life.