• MCG Anticoagulation
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  • MCG Sclerotherapy
    Sclerotherapy is a treatment non-invasive get in a painless manner, without any blood loss and in a single session eliminate varicose veins large that so far they needed surgery and postoperative.

    Sclerotherapy is a method that is, therefore, indicated for all susceptible of surgery cases, and even for those that surgery does not offer a good prognosis.

    It is important to emphasize that the decision to esclerosar a varice should need a previous study where a minimum degree of permeability of the deep venous system to do so able to continue carrying the blood and replace so stunted veins are found.

    The impermeability of the deep nervous system is, therefore, the only contraindication for the implementation of the vein of traditional surgery sclerosis. That is why there are varicose veins constituting the only way out of blood due to vascular insufficiency of the patient and therefore it is impossible to eliminate them.
    Sclerotherapy is an outpatient procedure, does not require rest, minimally invasive, non-surgical and uses local anesthesia.

    Through an injection placed inside varicose veins removes varicose veins and causing reflux of these altogether without surgery, without rest and leave scars.

    As the flow and adequate blood circulation this insured by the deep veins in normal form 90% of the blood of the legs is of superficial veins, being able to carry 100% without any problems.

    During treatment esclerosar varicose veins you can perform normal life, exercises, walking and work; They should just not get sunburned legs (avoiding the Sun) and use a type of elastic support (bandages, tights or elastic Socks) indicated by your doctor.
  • MCG Hair Transplantation
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  • MCG Back Surgery
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  • MCG Relaxing Massages
    MCG Relaxing Massages
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