MCG Slim Programs

At The Marbella Care Group, Solutions Difference

At MCG, Marbella Care Group we have Wellness Solutions we are very aware of this obstacle that affects so many in our own community and around the world. In our constant effort to keep focus on clients, we use education as our secret weapon.



By teaching our clients how to change their eating habits and how to incorporate herbal supplements and exercise in addition we give them the confidence and extra boost necessary to remain committed to our program and reach their health goals.


 Each person is unique.

 We recognize that all bodies function differently and do not pretend that the nutritional suggestions provided for one person will necessarily work for another. At Marbella Care Group, we diligently customize our suggestions, taking into account the history, lifestyle and commitment of each client. 

Forever more slim

Treatments in "MCG Slim Program": Nutrition, Colon Hydroterapy and Ozone, Pressoterapy, Ultracavitation, Food Intolerance Test, Fitness, Personal Trainer.

MCG Gastric Bypass Surgery

Option for to Reduce Stomach 

Despite its benefits, gastric bypass surgery is not the right option for all obese patients. In order to qualify for the operation, the patient must be between the ages of 18 and 65, have been obese for at least five years, have no history of alcohol abuse and no untreated depression or other mental disorders.

In addition, because of the risks associated with the procedure, gastric bypass surgery should only be considered by individuals with a body mass index (BMI) over 39