MCG Molding Mask -
become 20 years younger

One of the most revolutionary advances in medicine worldwide in recent years has been the MCG Mask.

A safe and effective rejuvenation treatment that rejuvenates the human face up to 20 years, depending on the specific characteristics of each different skin type. The main element of the treatment is that it is non-invasive, meaning no surgery is required. In this method, the skin is exfoliated and regenerated until it has recovered th properties of a younger skin

Over many years our doctors have been studying and investigating the biochemical, biological and dermatological processes that regulate skin ageing, with the only purpose of finding a formula that would enable human skin to recover the properties it enjoyed 20 years before, that is a skin that is spotless and scar and wrinkle-free.

This woman is 82 years - but she feels 30 years younger. NO PHOTOSHOP.

No surgery

“MCG Molding Mask” is not only the most innocuous treatment but the only method that achieves improved skin quality.

Owing it to the rejuvenating and permanent results of the procedure, the skin that emerges after a Molding Mask procedure will have gone 20 years back in time. For the new skin to show the same degree of ageing it had before the procedure, another 20 years will be required. That is, from the time of treatment, the new skin starts a new ageing process. Consequently, skin treated with this method is kept fresh, young and recovered over many years, with spectacular results that remain in time. 

More then 6.000 treatments have been made.

MCG Molding Mask - light years from other aesthetic treaments.

MCG Molding Mask 
Forever younger

MCG Molding MASK - innovation skin treatment for your face, by Dr. Ramon Roige

Our treatment is probably the most innovative and unique skin treatment in the world.
  • “MCG Molding Mask” is not only the most innocuous treatment but the only method that achieves improved skin quality.
  • One of the principal advantages of the “MCG Mokding Mask” is that it allows the patient to resume his or her regular routine immediately after the treatment.
Forever Younger - in 10 days
Once the physical examination is completed, the patient is admitted to the clinic where he or she will spend the next ten days. During this time, the patient will be able to relax, and will be offered to undergo a diet if she or he wishes to do so.
The procedure is performed in the operating theatre under the supervision of an anaesthetist that will administer sedation to the patient.

Useful Information

Here 2 pictures. Before and 10 days after.
Forever Younger - 10 days

On the 10th day, after the last mask is removed, the patient is discharged from the clinic to go home, feeling completely recovered and “transformed”. The skin will be totally regenerated, with a new texture and elasticity that will make it look years younger, depending on each case and skin type.

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Be aware: This is an expensive treatment - but it will FOREVER change your life.